I Fell in Love With Iceland

I am so excited I am going to Iceland again in July!

I cannot wait to be there but I'm also thankful I have one month left to prepare. In the meantime, I feel called to write about my first trip to Iceland. Maybe it will help people who want to go there and don't know where to start.

First time I went to Iceland was in October 2017. My mother wanted to see the northern lights (we didn't see any by the way because it was cloudy every night, but that will make a perfect excuse to go a third time during winter). Before Iceland, my family and I didn't like to go to cold countries. We are the type of person that impatiently wait for summer every year. And if we put our savings in plane tickets, it's to go be lazy on a tropical beach.

We've traveled a lot (Indonesia, Malaysia, Senegal, India, Canada, New-York, Spain, Italy, Mexico...) but Iceland really surprised us. I don't even know how to put into words my love for this country, but I will try.


A Tale of Light and Darkness Part II

A Tale of Light and Darkness Part I


This is the first part of a little story I imagined.

He was a monster. He hated all the creatures that lived in the forest. For as long as he could remember, he had always felt this urge to destroy life around him.
What he thought might be his mother, he had killed right after his birth, only allowing her to live long enough to ensure his own survival.

5 Wonderful Actions That Help Save Our Oceans

1) 4Ocean 4Ocean started with two surfers that were devastated by the amount of plastic they came across.

They started collecting plastic on their own.

Then, they had the idea of recycling this plastic to turn it into bracelets.

Today, they sell these bracelets and use the money to afford for people and boats to collect more plastic from the oceans.

Besides contributing to saving our oceans, these bracelets are really cool and come in different colors.

I think this is a very interesting gift for someone who loves the ocean.

2) The Ocean Cleanup The Ocean Cleanup is an organization developing a passive system dreamt by 18 year-old Boyan Slat to remove plastic from the oceans.

Their prototype consists of a U-shaped 600-meter-long floater with a 3-meter-deep skirt attached to it that traps and collect plastic debris.

It aims at cleaning up 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years.

The Ocean Cleanup is even considering developing a system that could work in se…